I think I am most proud of the exercise routine we have developed and the healthier eating we are doing these days.  Overall, I think I am in a better mindset, have a deeper spirituality and have enjoyed doing some fun activities in an effort to build healthier relationships. Truly looking forward to continuing this work in progress!

Hugs and kisses,


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About Leslie Roberts Clingan

I am an aspiring blogger and children's author, wife, mother, daughter, sister, - in-law, responsible pet owner and recently retired elementary school librarian. I hope to figure out the next chapter of my life as I transition from crazy, busy work world onto totally idle retirement and now to something in-between.


  1. Kellyann Rohr

    Your wellness goals always inspire me and I have adopted a few myself! I am trying to do puzzles – I do one on my phone at least once a day! Heck yes to tracking the points, thank God for WW! I am excited for your new granddaughter – how special and definitely something to look forward to in 2020!

  2. Deb

    You’ve done so well! What a way to end the year!
    Once Christmas is over, that baby will soon be here – how exciting, another girly to love 😉

  3. Bojana Krienke

    You’ve done so much this year, I am sitting her in awe. Well done on all the categories and I especially enjoy that the ups and downs are a part of your life and you work to have overall balance and good health. I can’t imagine a day when our girls won’t be home at Christmas or are our Christmas will look different. It’s part of life but for now, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy having all the decision power. Looking forward to reading more of your holiday recaps over the next month.

    • Leslie Roberts Clingan

      Thank you, Bojana, for coming by. My first Christmas alone – without daughters or a husband – was pretty pitiful There was more than one glass of wine, as I recall. When my daughters were small, they had to spend Christmas with their dad because I was the custodial parent so he go the holidays. Not fair!! I remember them calling when they were about 6 and 8 to say Santa hadn’t come at their dad’s house. I was so so so sad!! I assured them he had come to our house and we had Christmas when they got home. I could have choked my exhusband!! The next year, I sent a Christmas tree, ornaments and Santa presents for them to have at his house.

  4. Laurie

    You did great this year! Congratulations on making progress on your fitness goals. You are smiling in the photo you accidentally took, so you must be enjoying your workout! 🙂

  5. Bri

    Wow! So many great health choices in all areas of your life, Leslie! I love this!!! You do VIPKids? I hadn’t heard of it until I saw another blogger friend share she does that. Yay for a new grand baby coming VERY soon!!!!

    • Leslie Roberts Clingan

      Thank you, Bri!! I am debating trying to start VIPKids. But probably need to wait until Lauren has her baby and I see how much they will need my help. I have applied for a job with them but just need to do my demo lesson. We will see. I have loved Wellness Wednesday and working toward my goals. Come join us next year!

  6. ShootingStarsMag

    I think you did awesome on all of your wellness goals. I haven’t been that great this year when it comes to eating well/being active. It hasn’t been AWFUL, but I definitely want to try and do better with that in the new year. It’s been a struggle these last few years; lots of ups and downs, but I’m getting on track again. I hope you find out more about PC’s job soon, and that all works out!


    • Leslie Roberts Clingan

      Oh, Lauren, I hear you with the ups and downs. 2019 was tough and so was 2018!! But guess what, I have high hopes for 2020. We are going rock this new year and decade. It is hard to want to exercise or think about eating well when you are stressed. That’s when I want to cram everything I can find into my mouth. When I do go to the gym, though, I feel so proud of myself and it does help to (at least temporarily) relieve the stress. Come join us in 2020 for Wellness Wednesday!

  7. Amy Johnson

    I must admit I laughed at your “gain 3lb comment”. I think every time I get on the scale I either gained or lost 3 lbs. I’m the queen of weight fluctuation! Great goals. You are my most ambitious friend. How peculiar about PC’s job situation. Why would someone hire him and then not get back to him?

    • Leslie Roberts Clingan

      Thank you for the sweet comment. Love that I seem ambitious. I have lots of plans in my head but they don’t always come to fruition. The scale is on the way down again, thank goodness. That was close!! Almost at my way out of my new pants!!

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