iSpy Photo Challenge 2021

Joining my blogging buddy Lysha at A Camera and a Cookbook for her iSPY photo challenge this year.  Lysha hopes to inspire us to “look for the marvelous in the mundane.”  Each week she will give us a list of 5 words to “iSpy” and photograph.  At the end of each week on Saturday, we’ll link-up our photos and pick up our new prompts.

Week 1 Promts

– Hello 2021! – we welcome the new year quietly with a white Christmas Margarita.

The World Through My Lens 12.2020
– old – discovered this lovely rattan chair dumped in the desert not far from home.  Thinking I may drag it a little further into the desert as a place where I can take respite on my walks.  Would love to pose from it in my southern belle gown, too!

The World Through My Lens 12.2020
– goals – not an especially good photo but here they are.  Feeling quite ambitious.  And a little tired, just reading them.

The World Through My Lens 12.2020
– green – the best color in the world.  I happily sought out green things for days.  Here are just a couple of my findings.  When I snapped the picture of the star, I was just trying to center it in my lens.  Upon pulling the photo up on my laptop, I realized there was also green graffiti in the shot.  And my hands holding my phone.  Like the way your eyes kind of travel from the star to my hands to the graffiti and back to the star.

The World Through My Lens 12.2020

I pass the shed above on my way out to the desert.  This green can is on the path I walk once I am in the desert.  I should probably pick it up and throw it away.  But it has become a little beacon on my walks.  I look for it each time.

The World Through My Lens 12.2020

– happy – my youngest granddaughter Camila celebrated her first birthday this past week.  I wasn’t sure we would be able to see her, Covid just keeps on keeping on.  But when we dropped off her birthday bag of goodies (and a smaller one for big sister Cia), we were able to peek at the girls.  And I was happy.

The World Through My Lens 12.2020

For next week the prompts we will be looking to photograph or iSpy are as follows:
– parts
– hungry
– details
– home
– sky

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