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I am an aspiring blogger and children's author, wife, mother, daughter, sister, - in-law, responsible pet owner and recently retired elementary school librarian. I hope to figure out the next chapter of my life as I transition from crazy, busy work world onto totally idle retirement and now to something in-between.


  1. Deb

    What a shame the first attempt wasn’t to your taste. You live and learn eh? Never heard of the beans being added separately. We tend to have our chilli with a jacket baked potato, with guacamole, soured cream and grated cheese as accompaniments. Maybe a few nachos to dip into it too!
    I’ve never tried a recipe like the second one, but it sounds like something I will have to try!

  2. Lisa Elliott

    Your second recipe sounds like something my husband might enjoy! I can never find low fat ground pork here. Do you have to ask the grocery store butcher for it or is it just in the meat case with the other pork? Thanks for hosting this link up!!

    • Leslie Roberts Clingan

      You know, I had never eaten ground pork until we started getting HelloFresh and several of the recipes we really like from them came with ground pork. So I started looking for it in order to replicate the recipes myself. I do most of our grocery shopping at the military commissary since PC is a retired Army vet, and that is where I bought this low fat ground pork. Wonder if we could just have pork ground by the butcher at Walmart or wherever you grocery shop? My mom had a meat grinder a million years ago. It would come in handy to make really lean ground pork.

      So glad you joined us for this link up!!

  3. Kirstin

    Leslie…how funny that we shared almost identical recipes!!! So yummy. The Cincinnati chili sounds interesting. I’ve made chili using pumpkin before but not the spices that recipe called for.

    • Leslie Roberts Clingan

      I thought it was cool, too. Want to try your version of the soup. We like pumpkin chili and even the spices called for in it. But I think I must surely have mismeasured the spices in this chili. Want to try it again.

  4. Bettye

    Ooh, TOO spicy?!? The only thing I’ve ever had that was TOO spicy is this Buldak spicy chicken instant ramen that I have at least once a week now. And it is SPICY! I finally learned to add in a dollop of whipped cream cheese to cut the PAIN a bit, cuz otherwise my lips were in MISERY for the rest of the evening.

    And chili over SPAGHETTI?! Wow, the spicy meaty goodness of chili over a plateful of CARBS!!! I’d be in heaven. Thanks for bringing THAT concept to my attention!

    Thanks for inviting me to join your group this month, I had fun and found some great new recipes!


    • Leslie Roberts Clingan

      LOL you are adorable. Choking I am laughing so hard. That’s why I wanted to like this chili so badly…pasta and chili with all those scrumptious spices. I really want to try it again cutting the spices in half. Everything said this recipe should have been a winner.

  5. Michael Ann

    Oh, friend! My first contender wasn’t a huge win for me either! It’s a good recipe, but wasn’t quite to my taste. I shared a backup, tried and true, barley chili! Maybe you can add it to your repertoire! The tortellini soup looks good! I may give that one a go! (Cinci chili has always kind of freaked me out! I give you a gold star for trying it!) Thank you for all your hard work on this link up!

    • Leslie Roberts Clingan

      Thank you for joining me for this recipe swap. Always tickled to have you join me for things. The barley chili sounds very good. I used to always keep barley on hand because I like it in soups. Will pick some up this week.

  6. Gina

    Those spices sound almost like a mole in the first recipe – I’m not sure I would have been a big fan either. But the second sounds divine! I will have to try!


    • Leslie Roberts Clingan

      YES!! And I love mole. I think that is what drew me to the recipe. And maybe somehow I mis-measured?? But it was a very strong almost metallic taste. The allspice, I think, and cloves. Both of which I like but somehow not in this recipe. Hope you will try the simple tortellini soup.

  7. Joanne Tracey

    What a shame the first chilli didn’t work out, but that happens sometimes, right? I usually follow a recipe (well, closely enough, depending on what ingredients I have in the house) the first time I make it and tweak it up to make it mine. I’ve never heard of a soup using cream cheese, but yeah, can see how it would work. Thanks for hosting the hop.

    • Leslie Roberts Clingan

      The cream cheese makes a thick, creamy broth. I really liked the tortellini soup because it was thick like a chowder, thanks to the cream cheese. So glad you joined me for the recipe swap. Your soup looks delicious and I have truly thought about it all afternoon!!

  8. Jennifer Smith

    Oh my – I’m going to be here the next hour….reading each and every one of these recipes and links! WOW – and thanks! Such a bummer that your first chili was a disappointment. Down the disposal? It must have really been bad. I eat even the “nope, not that one again” recipes. Why? not sure but I do. I have made tortellini soup before…and love it. Hubbie…not as much but he will eat it. Hope you are having a yummy week. So many soups, so little time!!:)

    • Leslie Roberts Clingan

      LOL, you made me giggle. I think we could eat soup almost every night. The chili I tossed just had a very strong allspice/cinnamon taste…almost metallic or like blood??? I would like to try the recipe again but just cutting the spices in half. Almost kept it to eat myself but didn’t know when I would eat it. I would have had to make PC something else if I had it at dinner. And hate to have that much lunch.

  9. Gale

    Hi, Leslie! Your soup looks and sounds so good! I love soup, too! You were brave to try a “new to you” chili. I’ve gotten to where I just make it using the McCormick package. We like it. But I do 2 versions, because I like beans in mine, but Big Eagle does not. And I DO enjoy chili over spaghetti now and then. Thank you so much for putting the blog hop together. I didn’t realize this was the third year you’ve done it. That means I’ve participated every time! Yay! 😘

  10. Kellyann Rohr

    This looks so hearty and delicious – I need to make this when my boys are home for the holidays. Pinning it now – so many great recipes. Thank you for putting this together!

  11. Liz Klebba

    This sounds sinfully rich, Leslie! After this hop, I have an entire season’s worth of soupy deliciousness. One meal per week sorted through the cold months. Thank you!

  12. Iris

    Welllll – my most UNfavorite thing in the world to do is cook!!!!! I’d rather go hungry. However, your recipe did sound like something I might could handle – and no, I don’t have those ingredients in my kitchen. 🙂

    I cooked for many years for a houseful of boys and a husband who loved to eat (maybe there’s a blog post in here for me), but now that I live alone….

    Okay, TMI – your chili sounds good.

    • Leslie Roberts Clingan

      Try this tortellini soup. It made a nice sized amount of soup – you could eat it for several meals. And it can be cooked in the crock pot. So throw it all in and forget it til dinner time. I think you will like it!!

  13. Lysha

    I tried Skyline chili while in Cincinnati a few years ago and I wasn’t a big fan of it. All those spices don’t belong in chili…at least not to this Texas girl. 😉

  14. Jill

    I’m always looking for new soup and chili recipes this time of year. It’s too bad the chili wasn’t as good as you anticipated. That is an interesting blend of spices. Your tortellini soup looks and sounds delicious!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  15. Erin @ Cracker Crumb Life

    I had no idea that Cincinnati chili was served over pasta! We always eat chili over rice, something I never did until I married Billy. His family ate it that way and he introduced me to it and I will never go back. I am sorry that your chili was not as good as anticipated!

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